About the Artist – Huntington Barclay

This website is the product of decades of life experience. Though I was trained in the atelier of a well known New York artist, as a young man I soon developed an aversion to the art world and knew that my path would be different. After several art shows and some teaching, I left art completely and subsequently started 2 companies, took up wilderness hiking and even long distance cycling. The only organization I ever joined was SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP, of which I have been a member for almost half a century.

Several years ago I got my first hug from AMMA. That changed my life yet again and I began to paint ‘spiritual’ art. Recently a chain of inner spiritual experiences has vastly increased my vision and created in me a calling to concentrate on this task. The pictures offered on this site are, I hope, only the beginning of a series which I will continue to produce while the cosmic spirit impels me to do so. Those wishing to receive notice of my ongoing work can sign up on the email list on this site.

I am targeting my marketing to those with a spiritual yearning. Many are already devotees of either Yogananda or Amma..or both. I speak to your heart with these pictures. They come from my heart and my spiritual experience. May they touch your soul as they have touched mine.

This is a picture of me in the Wind River Range, where I have wilderness hiked for over 15 years. It is my favorite cathedral, wild and free, where one can hear the spirits and easily experience little miracles.