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Artist Huntington Barclay – a spiritual journey through art…

Dear Ones, The spiritual paintings offered on this site are all informed by my personal experience.Yogananda, who founded Self Realization Fellowship and Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’, have been my twin guiding lights, the former for almost half a century. These images are infused with their presence. My hope is that other devotees of these great Gurus – and indeed all sincere seekers of God, will feel a seed of truth in each one. They represent the fruits of my true artistic calling and I offer them to you humbly and with reverence..

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My Message

Life’s Journey……leads every seeker of truth past many sharp rocks of intellect, through storms of roiling karma and, finally, holding fast to the golden key of surrender, up through the portal of realization. It is from my glimpses of the radiant joy within that I offer these blossoms of my art.